Citizen Scientists Make it to a Million

One Million Strong

In May 2012 citizen scientists reached a major milestone by contributing over one million observations on the environment to Nature’s Notebook, according to Earth Sky. Nature’s notebook is run by the USA national phonology network. It collects information on the important life cycles of plants and animals. That is one million amateur scientists, from all communities, age groups and professions. Using their phones, apps and devices people recorded environmental changes in their area. Citizen science doesn’t end at collecting data, it goes several steps further.

How to use it

The games from Citizen Sort are designed to encourage citizen participation in science. The scientific component of the games is classifying various species of animals, plants and insects. There is of course major entertainment points. Take Happy Match! where you can compete with friends for the top notch on the score board. Forgotten Island is more on the entertainment side of the spectrum. Use your handy Atomic classifier machine to classify the falling specimen around the island. The classifying is the first step. So, what happens next?

What happens next

As you play Happy Match! Forgotten Island and Hunt & Gather you classify different photographs based on what scientists and researchers need. With the classifications you helped supply, scientists can work on making observations and analyzing the results. They look for everything from population size to the species reaction to climate change. So, by playing the games on Citizen Sort you are not only classifying species but you are taking the next step. You are also participating in the scientific research. You are creating the groups, classifying some images that have never been seen before.

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