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Citizen Science Apps

The Business Insider wrote an article today entitled “10 Apps that Put Science in Your Pocket” The apps are all citizen science related and put citizen science opportunities right in your pocket. Observe birds, bats, road kill, temperatures, water resources, trees, invasive species and meteors. The projects range from monitoring and recording data to following … Continue reading


Nature and Citizen Science

Nature is infinite. From the view outside the window to the dense dripping forests in the Amazon. It surrounds and encompasses us. Nature is all we see and a lot more that we don’t. It’s the trees, plants, grass, flowers and everything living in it. To get a better understanding, a better view of the … Continue reading

Why Classify?

Citizen Sort is a citizen science project from a group of students at Syracuse University. The goal of citizen science projects is to engage volunteers and amateur scientists to participate in science related tasks. Scientists usually have an abundant amount of data, in different forms. Citizen Sort is working with different teams of researchers to … Continue reading

Multitask Gameplay

Multitask Gameplay

Launching in the Fall of 2012, the Citizen Sort video games are a mixture of entertainment, citizen science, research, competition, collaboration, photography and much more. Citizen Science All three of our games, Hunt & Gather, Happy Match! and Forgotten Island, incorporate citizen science tasks to various degrees. Scientists in the field take thousands and thousands … Continue reading