More than One

The Job

Whether it’s someone at a party or the person next to you on the subway, when meeting new people there is a general set of questions. The main, “what do you do?” So simple and so short, we answer almost subconsciously and generally. Maybe you say doctor or engineer or student. Either way, usually you have an answer. But that profession, that one word, isn’t the sum of who you are. What about your hobbies, interests or favorite TV show? Are those important? If so, are they just less important than a profession? Maybe not. Maybe we should just revise our answer.

Well I’m a Citizen Scientist

We all have interests that spread far out from our actual profession. It’s understandable, we can’t spend 15 years in college getting every degree they offer. So, why not fulfill these interests on the side? Maybe use the downtime after work and on weekends to explore a new interest without the hassle of carrying books or walking around campus in the winter. Citizen Science gives you the opportunity to answer the “what do you do” question differently.Maybe you’re a writer with an interest in scientific discoveries. Or maybe a painter interested in animals. No matter your profession, the games on Citizen Sort will open the door for you to explore other interests outside of your profession. Happy Match! will bring out the keen observer in you, as you match various images of animal, plant and insects species. Forgotten Island will bring out the fedora wearing detective and the mystery solver in you as you explore the specimen strewn over an island while trying to solve the mystery of who blew up the biology lab. The Citizen Sort games are designed to encourage citizen science which means they are designed¬† for you. Playing Hunt & Gather, Happy Match! and Forgotten Island is a way to expand and branch out from what you’re supposed to do. They give you the opportunity to do what you want to do.

Good for Nothing

(c) GoodForNothing

Maybe you want to join Open Labs and Good for Nothing to code, communicate and help beat cancer. By playing a simple game-based app you can add amateur oncologist to your professional repertoire. The app can be used in two ways. One, to spot the classification of tumor cells and the other is spotting anomalies in the genetic code. The project utilizes the power of a group, with a common goal, to make strides in cancer research. And the best part of being a citizen science project is that it encompasses amateurs and experts. You don’t need to be a doctor, scientist or programmer to participate. Instead you can add another hat to your professional repertoire.

Project Noah

(C) Project Noah

Bring out the photographer in you with Project Noah. You can work on various missions or even create your own. The freedom to explore and document also gives you the freedom to become an adventurer, a photographer or a bird watcher. You can join a mission and photograph almost anything from bugs in your backyard to animals in the city.

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