Posted in July 2012

Gamified Future

A recent video from Sight Systems paints a realistic portrait of an augmented reality. A future of mandatory gamification, where an individual’s eye can access an endless supply of information, entertainment, game play and behavioral modifications. The video itself is a beautiful 7 minute piece-artistic and meaningful. The film was made by an Israeli film … Continue reading


It’s Not Over Yet

It may be the fifth day of National Moth Week, but the worldwide phenomena is not over yet. Between the Olympic games make sure to explore your backyard, local park, woods or city for some of the 160,000 species of moths, more than 10,000 species in North America alone. How it began David Moskowitz and … Continue reading

Citizen Science-It Works!

The basking shark has been protected from commercial hunting in British waters since the late 20th century. To monitor the current population and study the affects of the poaching, hunting and climate change. The University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation is one of the project’s leaders. Professor Brendan Godleysays, “It is notoriously challenging … Continue reading