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Citizen Science-It Works!

The basking shark has been protected from commercial hunting in British waters since the late 20th century. To monitor the current population and study the affects of the poaching, hunting and climate change. The University of Exeter’s Centre for Ecology and Conservation is one of the project’s leaders. Professor Brendan Godleysays, “It is notoriously challenging … Continue reading


Citizen Science Apps

The Business Insider wrote an article today entitled “10 Apps that Put Science in Your Pocket” The apps are all citizen science related and put citizen science opportunities right in your pocket. Observe birds, bats, road kill, temperatures, water resources, trees, invasive species and meteors. The projects range from monitoring and recording data to following … Continue reading

Why Citizen Science?

What Citizen Science is emerging all around us. There are citizen science projects for animals, plants, insects, roadkill, rivers and much more. The projects are clear of what you should do, some ask you to take photographs or record data. But why should you? What are the benefits of citizen science? In short: several. Firstly, … Continue reading

Gamify for Good

Gamification. The word is working its way into everyday speech. From businesses helping new employees  to  corporations trying to build an audience, gamification is a rewarding and effective way to engage. Gamification is the use of game mechanics, such as points and badges, in software that itself isn’t actually a game. The appeal to gamify … Continue reading