Forgotten Island Preliminary Test!

Almost two years in the making. Countless student hours later, of hand drawing locations, characters, plants and robots. With students programming every detail of this point and click adventure game and the Atomic Classifier tool to mix citizen science with the mystery of this isle. From icy peaks to steaming volcanoes to robot graveyards and your own floating gardens, Forgotten Island is a true example of extreme student talent.

It’s Science!

The Citizen Sort research team has several goals. One being to help scientists and researchers with classification tasks. We have collaborated with different groups to crowd-source their databases to the public. Scientists have taken thousands and thousands of photos live in the field. Most of them have never been seen before and it’s up to you, the citizen scientist, to perform classification tasks that will be relayed back to the scientist so they can then determine the species of animal, plant of insect. So, your classifications play a significant and real vital role in their research. After all, with a database in the thousands, a research team can’t classify all the photos themselves.

It’s Fun!

Forgotten Island is the most entertaining game the Citizen Sort team has designed. You awaken alone in the middle of a puzzling island. You meet two robots as you explore your new home. Dr. Science takes the reigns and orders you to reclassify all the specimen that has scattered around the island. The more you classify the more money you make. The more money you have the more you can buy from the only shop on this island. You will need to refuel on supplies to solve key puzzles through out the game. As you explore the stunning locales you will also solve the mystery of who blew up the biology lab as you regain your memory of a mysterious past.

This preliminary launch of Forgotten Island is mainly to receive feed back and tips on possible changes or improvements.This citizen science video game has features to suit every player. Whether you want to classify different species of animal, plant or insect species or if you want to defeat evil robots there is something for you in Forgotten Island!

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