Shark Week

The Olympics may have winded down but the television excitement doesn’t have to end yet! Rebound from the Olympic fever with the other best week of the year: Shark Week! From television, to social media to movies wherever you turn, you will find Sharks. There is the constant stream on Discovery Channel and of course … Continue reading

Forgotten Island Preliminary Test!

Almost two years in the making. Countless student hours later, of hand drawing locations, characters, plants and robots. With students programming every detail of this point and click adventure game and the Atomic Classifier tool to mix citizen science with the mystery of this isle. From icy peaks to steaming volcanoes to robot graveyards and … Continue reading

Power to the People

In our last post we discussed why people should take part in citizen science. There are countless benefits to participating in citizen science from educational opportunities to entertainment to contributing real data to scientific research. But what about afterwards? After you have a fun time observing nature, recording data or photographing animals, relay the data … Continue reading