Citizen Sort gets a new look

Citizen Sort has launched an updated version of its website,! A new look isn’t the only new addition to the site, as Citizen Sort is proud to be in the final stages of its public launch!

Registration is now open at Visit the site to sign up for a free Citizen Sort account. A few simple steps and you will be all set to start playing and making real contributions to current scientific research.

Already up on the site is the final version of Happy Moth. When you play this twist on the classic matching game, you will help a scientist with his moth classifications. With a database of thousands and thousands of photos, no one person or team can classify all of them on their own. That is where the citizen scientist comes in.

You don’t need to be an expert to classify these photos. The scientist, for the moth and the soon to be released shark and ray version have broken down the classifications into straight forward questions. For example, the question may be “what is the main color” and the options along the bottom will be possible answers, i.e. different colors.

The classifications you make in Happy Moth, and the other Happy Match games, will be stored anonymously and later sent back to the scientist. These classifications will make the scientist work easier, instead of searching through a database of thousands of photos for a gray moth, he can look at your classifications and right away have them all in one place.

So visit and start gaming for good.


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