Posted in July 2012

Celebrate National Moth Week!

The first National Moth Week kicks off today and runs until Sunday July 29th. There are over 160,000 species of moths around the world. They range from in size, color, shape and pattern. Some are miniscule and almost invisible to the naked eye, while others have an extra wide wingspread with stunning splattered patterns. Although … Continue reading

Gamify outside of games

Gamification. We’ve talked about it a lot. It’s made its way into businesses, companies, education and now nature. A French Artist built a new gamification inspired¬†exhibition. According to FastCoDesign,¬†“When a user steps up, motion sensors follow them planting a tree in this forest, and it becomes a larger-than-life experience full of satisfying, glowing hyperbole.” After … Continue reading

“Game Based” Learning

With new technology comes new distractions. It’s easy for students to get side tracked from homework or listening to the teacher because their phone is lighting up. Or maybe their mind is on that level of a video game they need to beat. The style of living has changed but should the style of learning? … Continue reading

Citizen Science Apps

The Business Insider wrote an article today entitled “10 Apps that Put Science in Your Pocket” The apps are all citizen science related and put citizen science opportunities right in your pocket. Observe birds, bats, road kill, temperatures, water resources, trees, invasive species and meteors. The projects range from monitoring and recording data to following … Continue reading