Gamified Future

A recent video from Sight Systems paints a realistic portrait of an augmented reality. A future of mandatory gamification, where an individual’s eye can access an endless supply of information, entertainment, game play and behavioral modifications. The video itself is a beautiful 7 minute piece-artistic and meaningful. The film was made by an Israeli film company. It visualizes a future of gamification, artificial intelligence, social media and big data.

More than a pretty piece

The appeal of the Sight Systems video is more than just a nice design, framework, shots and story. The video also resonates with an audience on a societal level. A common question is the role technology plays in our every day lives. The line between technology as a luxury has blurred as we now perceive technology as a necessity. The video incorporates modern technology with a frightening twist. The technology is programmed in the brain. The eyes are computer screens, open for instant access to information, games and to function. Everything one needs to know, to learn about some one new or in a meeting can be instantly accessed with out a second thought. The video portrays a far fetched and yet possible future. The feedback has been rampant over social media, some of the responses have blamed the current gamification in education, the work force and businesses.

Does the current stream of gamification have to lead to a world of chaos and anti-social sentiment? As with everything in life, it’s about limits. Gamification is about incorporating gaming elements into non-gaming activities. It doesn’t have to take over the world. Gamifying certain aspects or activities will not bring the end to the world as we knew it. In fact, as with most technological improvements, it’s new and has high potential to change the world.

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