Celebrate National Moth Week!

The first National Moth Week kicks off today and runs until Sunday July 29th. There are over 160,000 species of moths around the world. They range from in size, color, shape and pattern. Some are miniscule and almost invisible to the naked eye, while others have an extra wide wingspread with stunning splattered patterns. Although most moths are nocturnal, they’re not impossible to find. Check out the National Moth Week site for moth night events,to submit data, and even start your own moth week event.

Moths are everywhere. In the backyard, the city and even remote locales, different species of moths cover almost the whole Earth. That’s why studying, photographing and recording data about mots are important. Certain species of moths have the potential to devour large fields, crops and clothing. Not all species of moth are damaging and in fact one of the goals of Moth Week is similar to the Citizen Sort goals.According to the National Moth Week site, “For many moth species distributional information is lacking or poorly documented, for others, DNA is clarifying phylogenic relationships and identifying new species.” Another goal for participants in National Moth Week is to record data and submit it to to their various partners. The data can be photographs of moths you spot or data collection. The National Moth Week team has partnered with various citizen science moth projects. Some are examining how moths have responded to climate change or the population of different species of moths due to the increase in predators. Moth week is a time to encourage volunteers and amateurs to get directly involved with science. The observations you make this week can make significant contributions to current scientific research.

So take the time and take a closer look at that moth attached to your window screen. Maybe it’s one of the 160,000 species or maybe it’s a new one. Enjoy the outdoors this week, photograph the moths and send them to some of the research centers.

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