Gamify outside of games

Gamification. We’ve talked about it a lot. It’s made its way into businesses, companies, education and now nature. A French Artist built a new gamification inspired exhibition. According to FastCoDesign“When a user steps up, motion sensors follow them planting a tree in this forest, and it becomes a larger-than-life experience full of satisfying, glowing hyperbole.” After following the motion sensors, the project plans to plant a real tree in the Amazon. A real tree for every virtual tree planted in the art exhibit. The more people walk through the exhibition and perform the tasks-the more trees will be planted in the Amazon. The gaming portion, inside the Electronic Shadow studio spreads out into the real world. The gaming makes a real difference in the world.

Outside of Citizen Sort

The Citizen Sort video games also spread beyond the flashing computer screen. The video games firstly add entertainment and real video game features to citizen science. For example, Happy Match!, involves never before seen photographs of different species. Take the recently released preview version of Happy Moth!. Each game consists of 10 photographs of moths. In each round, the user will be asked a question and drag the images into the correct answer. These answers will be recorded in the database and later sent to the scientist. With the classifications already done, by users such as yourself, the scientist can easily determine the species of each moth in the photograph. Most of these photographs have never been seen or classified before. Therefore, some may even be of a completely new species. By playing Happy Match, Forgotten Island and Hunt & Gather, you will directly help scientists with their current research. Citizen Sort is about more than just the virtual game play. The results and potential move far beyond, into the scientific and nature realm as well. The games revolve around citizen science and encouraging amateurs and volunteers to participate in science. These are actual video games as well. In Happy Match, users can compete or collaborate with friends. Once the account registration opens, creating an account will open up a whole door of possibilites. Firstly, all your data will be recorded. You will have a personal database page to see all the rounds of Happy Match! you’ve played as well as your progress on Forgotten Island. It will keep a record of time played and all the specimen you collect through out the games. With an account there will also be a groups page. Here you can see the universal score board as well as create specific score boards to compete with friends or family. These video games take the main structure and entertainment of video gaming to a new level by adding science. It also expands outside of the video game. The classification results (not the scores or any personal information) are sent to the scientist. Your work will stretch fare beyond the scope of gameplay into real world results.

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