Citizen Science Apps

The Business Insider wrote an article today entitled “10 Apps that Put Science in Your Pocket” The apps are all citizen science related and put citizen science opportunities right in your pocket. Observe birds, bats, road kill, temperatures, water resources, trees, invasive species and meteors. The projects range from monitoring and recording data to following a specific location over time. All the data collected will contribute to real and current scientific research. “Scientists have started to use the abilities and prevalence of smartphones to their advantage, creating apps specifically for their studies and crowdsourcing observation and data collection,” according to The Business Insider.

Citizen science projects are necessary because the research team can’t produce or analyze the mass amount of data they need for their research. By participating in citizen science projects, whether mobile or not, you will virtually join the research team and contribute vital data that might even lead to the next scientific discovery.

Citizen Sort Crowdsourcing

The Citizen Sort research project wants to utilize people power to make significant contributions to scientific research. The preview version is now available to play without having to register for an account. Simply visit and click on the big orange Preview button to play. Happy Moth! is one version of Happy Match! Citizen Sort is working with several different scientists and researchers. And so, we will be making different versions of the game for plants, sharks, rays and more. So, whether you are interested in moths, insects, animals or plants: there is a version of Happy Match! for you. In each game you will classify 10 photos. The number of questions will vary from game to game but no matter the version the important factor will remain the same. The games are entertaining and whether you want to compete, or collaborate, with friends or work to the top of universal score board-Happy Match! incorporates features for every type of player.

Similar to the mobile citizen science apps, Citizen Sort is also different than the majority of other citizen science projects. Many projects require volunteers to photograph the plants or animals themselves and then send the images to scientists to classify. In the Citizen Sort video games you will classify photos scientists already took themselves-right from the field. The Citizen Sort adds entertaining game play to citizen science.

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