Exclusive Happy Moth! Preview

There will be an exclusive preview of Happy Moth! available Monday July 16th! Citizen Sort is a research project at Syracuse University. The group is designing three video games to encourage participation in citizen science. The games range from tool like to game like. The video game Happy Match! is in the middle. It is in between a classification tool and a real video game.

Multiple Versions

One of the goals of the Citizen Sort team is to help various scientists with classification tasks. And so, we have collaborated with several scientists and designed different versions of Happy Match! Each game has the same structure. You will be presented with 10 photographs of either plants, animals or insects. In each round of the game, you will be asked a question. The scientist picked the questions, for example ‘What is the main body color’, because they are necessary factors to determine the specific species. Along the bottom of the screen there are the options, or answers, to the questions. You will drag the photograph into the answer it most resembles. Take a look at the screen shot of Happy Moth! below for a visual. The classifications will make significant contributions to scientific research. By classifying the images scientists can determine the species much more easily. At the end of each game you will receive a score. In this preview version, you don’t need to register for an account so your score will not be saved. However, once Citizen Sort launches the final version of theHappy Match!games, users will register for a free account and take part in some friendly competition with other users. Another benefit of registration is your own personal dashboard. Under this tab you will find a record of all the games you’ve played, scores, times and specimen. You can post your score on the universal score board for all users. Or, you can create groups of family or friends and compete or collaborate with each other.

Play and Help

When you play every version of Happy Match! including this preview of Happy Moth! you will directly help scientists, researchers and ecologists with classification tasks. They agreed to open their photo collections to the public to gain your insight and classification help. Keep Monday in mind, and be the first to try Happy Match! , contribute to scientific research and maybe even take part in discovering a new species.

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