Watch out for the thorn


(C) Citizen Sort Plant

There are more

One of the most unique plants available for your Forgotten Island floating garden is this Thorn Plant. Available in different colors, this plant is sure to fend off any evil robot trying to make his way to your garden. There will be four unique floating gardens on Forgotten Island. However, they don’t just come to you as easy as one, two, three (and four). A major component of Forgotten Island are the puzzles. Several of the locations have puzzles you need to solve before continuing. Some ask you to build tools others ask you to explore forests for a hidden treasure. After you solve the puzzle you will continue to the next step and location in Forgotten Island. The floating gardens are unlocked after you also solve some puzzles and as you gain money from classifying photos you can also purchase plants and add some decor to this Forgotten Island.

Plant and Classify

There are so many components and features to Forgotten Island, an aspect is bound to spark your interest. Firstly, the Citizen Sort research project designed the games for research purposes. The games were designed by students at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. From the early planning stages to the final programming and polishing. The research aspect will also be analyzed by students at Syracuse University. The classification tasks will help scientists organize and categorize their massive databases of photos. The classifications in Happy Match! and Forgotten Island are based on questions scientists designed themselves. The questions, like main body color or shape, are important characteristics to distinguish between species. Another aspect of the Citizen Sort research project is to analyze human-computer interactions, specifically the role of motivation in citizen science. By answering a few brief surveys you will help both researchers at Syracuse University and elsewhere analyze human-computer interaction behavior and motivation. Besides these research elements, they’re are many entertaining features to enhance gameplay. You can garden with a wide variety of plants or explore the mystery of the gushing volcano and robot graveyard. You will solve puzzles and continue to make your way through the island, piecing bits of information together to defeat the evil robot and save the island.


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