Nature and Citizen Science

Nature is infinite. From the view outside the window to the dense dripping forests in the Amazon. It surrounds and encompasses us. Nature is all we see and a lot more that we don’t. It’s the trees, plants, grass, flowers and everything living in it. To get a better understanding, a better view of the diversity and magnitude of nature, join the world of citizen science. Citizen Science is a great opportunity for amateur scientists and volunteers to contribute real data to scientific research while exploring the outside world.


Several citizen science projects encourage participants to dive into nature.  Project Noah has specific missions a user can partake in. Project Noah encourages citizen science by getting people out in nature, whether it’s in their own backyard, at a national park or forest. Similar to many citizen science projects, Project Noah also intermixes photography with nature and citizen science. As a citizen scientist you will photograph an insect or animal (depending on your mission). These goals and missions are a stepping stone to exploring nature. Similarly, the Society of Biology in the United Kingdom created a new Citizen Science project for the summer of 2012. Scientists are asking citizens to record the number of places flying ants land in the UK. The researchers are hoping the results will shed new light on why the ants appear all over the country at the same time. “Flying ant-spotters are being asked to submit their sightings throughout July and August on the Society of Biology’s website,” according to BBC Nature. These projects involve volunteers, non-experts, in real scientific research. By recording the location, weather conditions, habitat and a few other key features you can make real contributions to research.

Virtual Nature

Citizen Sort has made nature virtual. One of our goals is to encourage citizen science through video gaming.  Hunt & Gather, Happy Match! and Forgotten Island all incorporate classification tasks to various degrees. No matter which one you play you will classify photos of moths, sharks, rays, plants and more for scientists doing research right now. The photographs were taken by scientists in the field and the next step is up to you. Whether you’re a nature fanatic or a gaming fan the Citizen Sort video games have features to spark your interest. Your classifications of different photographs will help scientists with their current research.

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