Rock Out with a Rock Plant


(C) Forgotten Island Plant

Forgotten Island has features to suit all kinds of interests. This point and click adventure game incorporates citizen science features and video gaming. Citizen Sort works with different scientists and researchers to provide a medium for them to access people power to help with large scale tasks. Many scientists photograph animals, plants or insects. They need to classify the photos, usually based on several characteristics ranging from size to shape to color to pattern and more. These characteristics are determiners for scientists to distinguish between species.

By playing the Citizen Sort video games, you will determine the characteristics of the organisms in the photos. Scientists will then review the characteristics and classify the species. The success of the scientist’s research and our project depends on citizen scientist volunteers. Whether you’re interested in science, photography or just a fan of new video games there is a Citizen Sort video game for you.

Citizen Sort is a research project focusing on citizen science, specifically classification tasks, and information on human computer interaction. But again, Citizen Sort has something for everyone, because it’s made up of so many people. The video games Hunt & Gather, Happy Match! and Forgotten Island, were created by collaboration. Citizen Sort is lucky to work with several different scientists, researchers and groups whom allow us to use their photo collection in our video games. In turn, you can join this collaboration, by registering for a free, and private, account at Your classifications in Happy Match! and Forgotten Island are vital to the success of the scientist’s research as well as our own. By playing these games, you will contribute real data to scientific research.

The classification tasks aren’t the only reason or benefit of playing the Citizen Sort video games. After all, we are designing actual video games. Forgotten Island is the most game like. It’s jam packed with mystery, puzzles, evil robots, and jaw dropping locations. In Forgotten Island, you will use your Atomic Classifier tool to classify some of the following Polaroids, they were scattered around the island after the explosion in the biology lab. Forgotten Island is more game like and so the gaming features, like solving puzzles and the mystery of who blew up the biology lab. You will explore a robot graveyard, mushrooms as tall as trees, dense forests and a gushing lava flowing volcano. There are puzzles and hidden objects sprawled around the island. It’s your job to solve these puzzles, explore the mysteries of this isle as you try to save it from the bombtastic robot. There’s adventure, citizen science, puzzles, evil robots and even a shop to pick up some important objects.

This rock plant is another example of the close attention and extra “oomph” the students at Syracuse University, who designed and programmed the games, came up with. There are four floating gardens in Forgotten Island. These diverse platforms are an you to let your creativity run wild. You can add this rock plant, in different shades!, and create a unique spot on your island.

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