An Extra Step

Citizen Sort is studying the potential of Social Computational Systems in the context of citizen science. There are countless citizens science projects, from stargazing, to photographing birds or plants. Projects utilize different forms of technology, many creating mobile apps for the “citizen scientist on the go”. A majority of citizen science projects focus on the collection of data. A volunteer may photograph the amount of trash in a river and send the information to scientists who will then analyze the data. Citizen Sort is a citizen science project, a major goal is data related tasks, however there is more to Citizen Sort than meets the eye.

Human Computer Interaction

Citizen Sort is a research project at Syracuse University. The project has partnered with several different researchers, biologists and ecologists with a vast amount of photos to classify. By playing any, or all, of the three games Hunt & Gather, Happy Match! and Forgotten Island you will take part in classifying these photos and contributing real data to their research. To classify these photos you will answer questions based on characteristics scientists need to know. Similar to other citizen science projects, Citizen Sort is garnering the power of volunteers to participate in real scientific data. What makes Citizen Sort different than some other citizen science projects is the human computer interaction research. The video games incorporate classification tasks with vital information for human computer interaction researchers to study human motivation and performance is fundamental to system performance. By taking a brief survey completely anonymously, your answers will contribute to important research. Firstly, the research will help shape future citizen science, as well as other, projects. The human computer interaction researchers will also study how and why people interact with computers. The study will also focus on how entertainment or game play influence motivation for citizen science. That’s why we want to hear from you. If you prefer one game over another, let us know why. Whether it’s the mystery puzzles or competition, we want to know what aspects encourage your participation in citizen science and which do not.

There is so much you can do by playing the games on Citizen Sort. You will help scientists with classification tasks and contribute real data to their research. Also, by answering some survey questions you will also help information researchers analyze the role of motivation and entertainment in citizen science.

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