A Successful Amateur

Citizen Sort is creating video games to encourage citizen participation in citizen science. The games incorporate entertaining features with classification tasks and human interaction researcher work.

Amateur Science

This citizen science project firstly, will be a great help to scientists and researchers in the field. Many have thousands and thousands of unclassified photos. The photos are a major part of their research, however, one person can not classify all those photos on their own. So, log on to www.citizensort.org , create an account and start classifying with the experts. You don’t need to be an experienced classifier or an avid moth, shark or plant observer to participate in our citizen science project. Amateurs can classify these images just as well as expert scientists. Take Happy Match! for example. In each game you will be given ten images of a certain species and you will classify them based on questions scientists care about. Along the bottom of the screen there will be answers, like bins, to the questions. You can simply drag the images into the answer it most resembles. For example, in Happy Moth one of the questions may be “What is the forewing’s main color?” and the answers along the bottom will be photos of various moths of different colors. If a forewing color is mainly grey you will drag the photo into the gray category. And voila! You have helped classify an image and maybe even helped classify a new species. The classifications may seem simple but the questions are vital towards classifying the images and species. If you’re in the mood for a more game like option than take on the mystery and evil robots of Forgotten Island. As you investigate the volcanoes, icy peaks and forests you will also use your handy Atomic Classifier to classify the species as in Happy Match!. Instead of getting a score, you will earn money by classifying the photos which you can use to survive and save the island.

Human Computer Interaction

The citizen science and classification tasks are one of our main goals. Another goal is to participate in human computer interaction research on the motivation for citizen science. When registering you can choose to answer a few questions to help with their and our research. You may also be asked to complete a short survey to  help with the research parts of the Citizen Sort project. Everything will remain anonymous and your answers will be a great help to our research.

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