Up and Running

The Citizen Sort website is up and running at www.citizensort.org! The new website is the must see place for the latest updates, photos, research and information on the Citizen Sort research project. This same website will be home to the three citizen science related games, Hunt & Gather, Happy Match! and Forgotten Island. The games are launching in the summer of 2012. So, stay tuned in to citizensort.org and our social media accounts for our latest news.

Tool Like

The three video games will be open to the public in the next few months. A user will first register for an account, mainly for the information scientist research and for scoring. After picking a username you can play any of the three games over and over. The games vary from more tool like to more game like. So whatever mood you are in, there is a game to suit your interest. For the serious classifier, including researchers and their assistants, there is Hunt & Gather. This is more of a tool to create your own categories and classify the photos. You can ask for the scientist permission to work on their collection. Who knows, your work could help them classify a new species.

Game Like

The versions of Happy Match! and Forgotten Island are more game like. They incorporate entertaining gaming features with citizen science. By classifying images in Happy Match! you will help scientists sort through photos based on characteristics they care about. At the end of the game you can post your score on the universal scoreboard. Plus, post your score on social media sites and compete with friends to see who would make the best citizen scientist. There will be different versions of Happy Match! each will be available on the website, so whether you want to dive into the world of moths, sharks, rays or plants, there will be a version of Happy Match! for you. The website will also have updates on the point and click adventure game Forgotten Island. By checking out the website, you will also get an exclusive look at new photos of the game and the steps we took to create the game from scratch!


The Citizen Sort website will also have all the latest research and data from the project. There are research papers about gamification, socially intelligent computing and crowdsourced science. As the games open up there will be new updates and research results. Citizen Sort is a research project at the School of Information Studies at Syracuse University. The survey results will be anonymous and will be a great help to the project. The goals of the Citizen Sort project are to help with classification tasks and help information scientists analyze the motivation of citizen scientists.

Take a look at the Citizen Sort website and read summaries of the games. Plus peruse through images of the games and read through the research papers.

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