Happy Moth!

Happy Moth!

(C) Happy Moth! Screenshot

Here is the first look at Happy Moth! one version of the game Happy Match! from the Citizen Sort project. The game will be up and running soon. When you play Happy Moth!, you will join the world of biologists, nature fanatics and even competition seekers. Each time you play Happy Moth!, you will be in charge of classifying 10 photos of moths. The researcher designed the four questions based on vital classification characteristics. The photos running along the bottom of the page are the states or characteristics you should look for. Drag the photo of the moth into whichever category it most resembles. Your classifications of the moths will provide real and useful data to the researcher. Sure, it’s a responsibility but you have what it takes. Besides you will also get the chance to compete or collaborate with friends and peruse through some never before seen photos.

Why Play?

Happy Moth! is both a technical tool and a video game. There are  over 30,000 photos on Happy Moth! The researcher can’t classify each one, by four attributes, by himself. And that is where your expert eye comes in.  Look at wing shape and colors and who knows, you might even be en route to discovering a new species. When you play Happy Moth! you will be doing even more than just participating in scientific research. By answering a brief survey, anonymously, you will also help information scientists analyze the different motivations for citizens science. Your answers will help with the research portion of the Citizen Sort project but it will also influence future citizen science projects.

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