World Oceans Day

The ocean. We all appreciate it. Whether as a way to cool off after a hot day at the beach or for the nutritious food it supplies or, on a more scientific level, because it generates a lot of the oxygen we breath.  Today is World Oceans Day and it provides an extra incentive to citizens to preserve, protect and simply admire the majestic blue seas.


The idea for a World Oceans Day was first proposed in 1992. The Government of Canada with other environmental organizations and conservation groups circulated a petition to the United Nations to make World Oceans Day an official holiday. In December 2008 the UN officially recognized June 8th as World Oceans Day. However, World Oceans Day became a phenomena even before becoming official. The Ocean Project and the World Ocean Network have been working with various groups since 2002. They use June 8th as an extra opportunity to celebrate the oceans.

How to celebrate

(C) SciStarter. Digital Fisher.

World Oceans Day is a great day to get involved with ocean and aquatic life preservation. How? Simple. Through Citizen Science. SciStarter put together a great list of ocean related citizen science projects. There are opportunities to monitor and record killer whales, sea turtles, fish or sharks.Even if you’re not near the ocean, there is still a way to participate in World Oceans Day, you can become a digital fisher. You will view 15 second videos and identify the ocean animals. This day can also be the day to make a difference. Participate in an ocean clean up or even adopt a sea creature.

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