It’s Real

Where it began

One of the earliest citizen science projects was in 2004 with the Large Hadron Collider. Similar to SETI@home, the program LHC@home, utilized citizen’s computers for processing data. However, as in more modern citizen science projects, it’s not about passivity. There were also forums, leader boards and even gaming elements. According the UK Wired, more than 10,00 people signed up within a week of opening LHC@home crashing the server.

Be Active

Several myths circulate about citizen science. A common argument is that amateurs can’t produce real science.  Well, Citizen Sort, along with several other citizen science projects (goodfornothing and foldit for example) do not agree. In fact, several peer-reviewed scientific articles have cited citizens scientists as authors. Citizen scientists are active participants in real science. For example, Project Noah involves citizen scientists completing missions by actively photographing different animals or insects and helping preserve biodiversity.

Debunk the myth

You, as a citizen scientist, can make significant contributions to scientific research. The classifications you will do in Happy Match!, Hunt & Gather and Forgotten Island won’t disappear into nothingness. In fact, by playing video games you will help biologists and ecologists with scientific classification tools. You will also contribute to information science and help human computer interaction researchers evaluate the best motivation for citizen science. And so, your input, usually by answering a short survey, will also contribute to the production and implementation of future citizen science projects. You can make all these  contributions to biologists and researchers by playing the games on Citizen Sort

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