Vacation with Citizen Science

Summer vacation is on its way and that means no more school, long hot days and the family vacation. Whether it’s two weeks or two months the family car trip, plane ride or cruise  is on its way. The destinations can span across the globe. But, just because the vacation has begun it doesn’t mean you have to take a vacation from citizen science. The Sierra Club has put together a phenomenal list of ten summer destinations so you can make a difference while taking a break from your leisure activities. From Shark conservation in Belize to preserving pelicans in Florida to bottle-feeding lion cubs in Namibia there are citizen science summer activities to fit every interest. Check out the list here.

Are you not vacationing abroad? Well do not fret there is still citizen science opportunities for you. Firstly, the Citizen Sort video games can be  played from anywhere. All you need is a computer and internet connection and you can take a vacation to the mysterious Forgotten Island. Travel to the coasts, to the top of mountains and volcanoes, survive the slippery slopes of the icy peak and explore the remnants in the biology lab. Forgotten Island can be a great vacation destination without having to leave your home. This point and click adventure game provides much more than just a vacation opportunity it’s also a chance to help real scientists with real scientific work. In Forgotten Island to gain money to buy supplies you will classify different photos of moths into predetermined categories.

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