Triple Gameplay

Why Three?

Citizen Sort is building three different video games all with a common overarching goal: citizen science. But why create three separate and unique games ? Well, we made them for you. For you who wants to create your own categories to classify a species. And for a fan of  never seen before pictures of maybe even a new species. And of course, for anyone dreaming, or fearing, a robotic takeover. These three games are designed to fit whatever mode you are in on any given day. Try all three games and take advantage of the wide array of citizen science opportunities.

How are these games related to citizen science?

Well, firstly let’s recap on what is citizen science. Citizen scientists are amateur, or non expert, scientists. Whether in kindergarten or college. In medical school or an environmentalist, anyone can be a citizen scientist. There are also several different citizen science projects. For some you can simply download an app and photograph roadkill, fish or birds mark the location and send the information to be analyzed by scientists. These seemingly simple tasks add up to a lot. By participating in citizen science and research you can take part in a scientific discovery for the ages.

Which to play?

The Citizen Sort video games all incorporate citizen science but to different degrees. Some are more technical tools and others are more entertainment based. In Hunt & Gather, scientists upload hundreds of photos and you can work with them and their research team to sort through them into categories. You will need permission to work with a scientists’ collection but feel free to work on any of the public collections.

If categorizing hundreds of photos seems overwhelming try out Happy Match! In Happy Match! you will usually have 10 photos to classify.The scientist that captured the photos also designed specific questions to help you classify the various images. Simply drag the photo of the plant, animal or insect into the category it most resembles. After playing a few rounds, you can brag of your extreme skills to all your friends, get on the score board and who knows, maybe even help discover a new species.

Now, if your interest veers more towards secrets, mysteries and robotic take overs than venture into the world of Forgotten Island. After a massive explosion at the biology lab you are left to follow the orders of an evil robot, collect and classify various specimen and solve the mystery of Forgotten Island.

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