Game for Good

Why Play?

Citizen Sort is a research project at Syracuse University. With the help of designers, artists and programmers, Citizen Sort is creating three different games to encourage citizens to get involved in scientific research.  Here is a description of each game. Hunt & Gather is a great tool for scientists and enthusiasts to help sort through hundreds of never before seen photos, some may be of a previously unknown species. Happy Match! is a more structured classification game. Heat up the competition and play against friends. Tower over the rest and get to the top of the score board. As a break from all your hard work, immerse yourself into the mystery of Forgotten Island and be a citizen scientist hero: saving the world from evil robots.

Playing the games on Citizen Sort is a great way to take entertainment into the scientific sphere. You can classify, compete and explore a land of robots.  After all, your work with Citizen Sort could lead to the next big scientific discovery. And it’s all because you played a video game.

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